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Share our passion for chocolate and family values we have celebrated for over 80 years to our customers across the US using only the finest ingredients and same hand making process our founders used in 1934.



  • Items: To create the freshest handmade chocolate confection items using old fashion process of making thru hand dipping, copper kettles, & marble slabs


  • Expand: Offer wide assortment across our portfolio of items with focus toward Boxed Chocolates, Corporate Gifting, Nuts, & Fundraising developing formalized consistent items shared thru store, online, and brochure


  • Interaction: One comprehensive united marketing message updated each month that carries across in store experience, online, newspaper, billboard, & media.


Core Values: 

  • Customer – Always Right know matter what …Period
  • Quality & Process – We will not compromise on our ingredients and our old fashion manufacturing
  • Tradition – O’Shea’s brings back memories
  • Team – O’Shea’s employees are part of the “chocolatier family” working in a fun supportive culture around chocolate
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Focused toward initiative of supporting “Kids-Cancer–Chocolate”



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