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We are excited to now be offering O’Shea’s Candies Scrip Gift Cards to help you meet your fundraising goal. Our scrip fundraising program provides not-for-profit organizations the ability to purchase O’Shea’s Candies Scrip Cards at a 20% discounted rate. We offer these cards to scrip participants in $10, $25, $50, or $100 denominations.


 Scrip Program Details:

  • O’Shea’s Candies Scrip Cards can be used just like money at any O’Shea’s Retail Locations
  • Participants can select what they like in store vs. limited selection
  • Easy to manage & deliver
  • Custom Denominations available
  • Scrip Cards can then be resold to your organizations supporters at face value
  • Each card can be used to purchase any items sold at all of our O’Shea’s Candies locations including all handmade Boxed Chocolates, Nuts, Gift Boxes, Novelty, & Cards.
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