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We are offering a new fundraising item offering O’Shea’s Candies Redskin Peanut Boxed Fundraising to help you meet your fundraising goal. These allow your organization to offer a unique item that does not melt, fresh roasted each week, differentiation, & trade up exclusivity.



1 LB Box Fresh Roasted O’Shea’s Candies Redskin Peanuts


  • Boxes are priced at $3.75 each – 14 Cases or Less / Pack 12ct Per Case = $45.00 Per Case

If you order 15 Cases Or More on the first initial order, your quantity price would be $3.50 per box/ $42.00 Per Case. Any additional boxes purchased after that within the year will also be $3.50. School organizations contract year runs from August through July. A contract year for other organizations is one full calendar year.

  • Minimal Order is 1 Case (12 Bags)
  • Groups requesting payment terms of 2 weeks require minimum purchase of 5 Cases
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